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NOH+DENMARK 2019 consisted of 3 intensive Noh workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project was carried out from September 28th, 2019 to September 29th, 2019. 


These workshops were intended to deliver an intensive and intimate Noh experiences, offering direct and detailed teaching from Hōshō school Noh actress Isa Takeda. 


Intensive 2-days Noh Theatre Workshop Program

D.28.09.2019 (SAT.)
[U T A I / 謡 Noh Chanting Workshop]
NOH CHANTING's strong yet delicate way of expression is made interesting with its flexibility of the rhythm and the melisma. Participants tried chanting together with Isa Takeda, who trained herself in Hōshō school; a school that is renowned for the beauty of its Noh chanting.
*This workshop included trying of the traditional Noh costume.

[M A I / 舞 Noh Dancing Workshop]
MOVEMENTS IN THE NOH THEATRE is characteristic for its way of walking and shape forming - formality is a significant key of the 650 year's old art form. Then how are we going to "express" what's inside of our body on the Noh stage???
Participants were encouraged to find their own answer to the question in the workshop. In this way they learned how to let their own body broaden the definition of their language of dance.
*This workshop included trying of the traditional Noh mask.

D.29.09.2019 (SUN.)
10:30 - 16:00
[N O H / 能 Intensive One Day Workshop]
TO PERFORM IN THE NOH THEATRE is to be an actor, a storyteller and a dancer at a same time. Participants who joined this workshop have trained themselves as a Noh performer for a day.
Isa Takeda introduced them closely to both chanting and dancing, so that the participants can accomplish one integrated Noh performance within a day.


Hōshō school Noh actress

Isa Takeda (JP)

Born as the eldest daughter of Hōshō Shite (leading) actor Takashi Takeda, Isa Takeda studied Noh under Kazufusa Hōshō as well as Akira Takahashi and Takashi Takeda. She debuted on the Noh stage in the play Kenjō in 1994. She graduated with a master’s degree from the Music Department of Tokyo University of the Arts. During her studies at university, she was the recipient of the Ataka Award and Arkansas Music award.


The Scandinavia - Japan Sasakawa Foundation 


NOH+DENMARK; Isa Takeda (JP)  Simon Roy Christensen (DK)  Yukiko Nakayama (JP) 

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