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NOH+DENMARK consists of several events which presents Noh, the classical Japanese theater with a history of more than 650 years, in Denmark.


This project  is jointly organised by Isa Takeda (JP), Simon Roy Christensen (DK), and Yukiko Nakayama (JP).

As the Noh theater itself remains a largely unknown and rarely performed art form in Denmark, NOH+DENMARK aims to introduce the rich and multifaceted tradition of Noh through a series of performances and workshops which could present the art of Noh from a variety of perspectives.


Isa Takeda is a professional Noh shite actor and teacher of the Hōshō school, Simon Roy Christensen is a PhD fellow at the department of Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University, and Yukiko Nakayama is a former graduate student in Musicology at Tokyo University of Arts.


While Isa Takeda is based in Tokyo, Japan, Simon Roy Christensen and Yukiko Nakayama are based in Aarhus, Denmark.


Together they share a deep wish to present the Japanese Noh theatre to a wide Danish audience and to stimulate increasing dialogue and mutual inspiration between Danish and Japanese cultures.


Organisers of NOH+DENMARK hope to continue facilitating new opportunities to experience the Japanese Noh theatre in Denmark through an ongoing series of activities in the future.


As one of the world’s oldest performing art forms still alive today, while at the same time appearing surprisingly ‘contemporary’ onstage through its often radically minimalist and highly sophisticated forms of expression, Noh represents a unique artistic medium which allows all of us to reflect on cultural borders and aesthetic traditions in today’s increasingly globalised world.


Although the Noh theatre remains deeply rooted in Japanese culture, NOH+DENMARK believe its artistic merits also speak a universal language which is far from confined to any particular geography.

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