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Japanese Culture Lecture

Date: September 30, 2023 (Saturday) 11:30 - 12:30

Location: DETLEFS ROOM, inside the ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art

Price: 70 DKK

Noh Concert

Date: September 30, 2023 (Saturday) 14:00 - 14:45

Location: DETLEFS ROOM, inside the ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art

Price: 140 DKK


How to Purchase Tickets:

Please visit the URL below to purchase your tickets.



A separate entrance fee is required to enter the museum. Kindly purchase it at the museum on the day of your visit.



Japanese Culture Lecture

In this lecture, we will focus on Japanese culture with an emphasis on Noh theater. While observing the costumes actually used on the Noh stage, we will explain the significance behind these garments. You can feel the beauty of the costumes that have been handed down for many decades and even centuries.

Furthermore, we will also provide lectures on "Tea Ceremony" and "Incense," which developed during the same era as Noh. In the Tea Ceremony segment, we will perform a demonstration of the traditional tea ceremony procedures. Each movement in the tea ceremony carries its own significance. As we explain these graceful gestures, we will explain the meaning of hospitality that is unique to Japan.


In the introduction to "Incense," we will present Japanese incense to all the participants as a gift. While explaining the art of "Kodo" which has developed uniquely in Japan, we will explore new ways to enjoy incense together.


Participants in the lecture will receive traditional Japanese sweets as a gift. Eating and drinking are prohibited within the museum, but we encourage you to enjoy Japanese culture even after returning home.



Noh Concert


During this mini-concert performed by professional Noh actors, you will have the opportunity to witness the Maibayashi "Jo-no-mai" and Creative Noh Dance.

Although Noh performances traditionally extend for a long duration, we have prepared a special version that can be enjoyed by newcomers. Furthermore, considering the setting within a Danish art museum, we have designed the program to create a synergy between art and traditional performing arts.


In "Jo-no-Mai," the Noh actor dances in a simple hakama adorned with a crest. For "Creative Noh Dance," there's a greater emphasis on highlighting the allure of each musical instrument, as well as the beauty of the dance and chant, compared to regular Noh performances. We strive to create such a stage in collaboration with the audience, challenging ourselves to present this art form.


This performance offers a unique program that can only be witnessed at this venue in Denmark. We sincerely invite you to attend.


Zoom Noh Theatre Workshops

[Japanese Traditional NOH Theatre - Online Workshop]
Noh+Denmark's Japanese traditional Noh theatre workshops will be held online this year! Join our Zoom workshops to experience Noh, a 650 years old theatre form of Japan, at home. Noh master Isa Takeda will Zoom directly from Japan for these workshops.


26.09.2020 (Sat.)

1)13:00-15:00 [SHIMAI | 仕舞 Noh Dancing Workshop]
*For 15 participants.

With Noh master Isa Takeda's gide, you can try Noh theatre's basic movements and dances. From how we walk to how we stand, learn the basic principals that makes it "Noh" - to capture the essence of the art, by yourself!
No prior experience needed.

27.09.2020 (Sun.)

2)10:00-12:00 [UTAI | 謡 Noh Chanting Workshop (Morning Class)]
*For 5 participants.

Experience Noh chanting, being Noh master Isa Takeda's student for 2 hours. The Noh chanting, with its old Japanese lyrics, has its musical charm of being formal and flexible at the same time. Follow Isa Takeda's gide and practice chanting in a same manner as in Japan.

3)13:00-15:00 [UTAI | 謡 Noh Chanting Workshop (Afternoon Class)]
*For 5 participants.

Afternoon class of the Noh Chanting Workshop.


100DKK / Workshop.


Book your spot by simply sending us an e-mail or FB message:

We will contact you back as soon as possible.


[N O H T H E A T R E ]
Noh theatre is a Japanese dance theatre form from 14th century, and respected as a "living museum" of a Japanese theatre art - that otherwise could have been banished in the past.
Noh theatre is consisted of the (mask) dance, chanting and instrumental music. The dance and the music is so formal that they don't even do rehearsals - though the music is quite flexible in its tempo and expression.
Learn more about the Noh theatre here:

[N O H M A S T E R : I S A T A K E D A]
Born as the eldest daughter of Hōshō Shite (leading) actor Takashi Takeda, Isa Takeda studied Noh under Kazufusa Hōshō as well as Akira Takahashi and Takashi Takeda. She debuted on the Noh stage in the play Kenjō in 1994. She graduated with a master’s degree from the Music Department of Tokyo University of the Arts. During her studies at university, she was the recipient of the Ataka Award and Arkansas Music award.

[N O H + D E N M A R K]
NOH+DENMARK consists of several events which presents Noh, the classical Japanese theatre with a history of more than 650 years, in Denmark. This project is jointly organised by Isa Takeda (JP), Simon Roy Christensen (DK), and Yukiko Nakayama (JP), since 2017.
As the Noh theatre itself remains a largely unknown and rarely performed art form in Denmark, NOH+DENMARK aims to introduce the rich and multifaceted tradition of Noh through a series of performances and workshops which could present the art of Noh from a variety of perspectives.

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