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 Seifūsha is an intercultural platform for projects that facilitets cultural communication between Japan and Denmark. Based in Denmark, Seifūsha is eager to work within the Danish cultural scene where the Japanese tradition and culture creates a strange yet noteworthy contrast among the Danish values and histories. Seifūsha is organising Danish Japanese Music Society on each musical project that is related to traditional Japanese music.


Home: 当団体のプロフィール


Home: 当団体のプロフィール

Japan-Insights Japanese music project European Research


As a part of the Toshiba International Foundation’s program “Japan-Insights”, Sōkyoku Player Ayumi Simonoto has visited Denmark to perform series of Sōkyoku workshops and concerts for the Danish audiences.



Sōkyoku concert and workshop for students of Japanese language at FOF København


Sōkyoku concert and workshop for students of Japanese language at FOF København


Sōkyoku concert and workshop for elementary school students at Lindevangskolen (P. G. Ramms Allé 26 2000 Frederiksberg)


“The Music of Koto and Japanese literature:Ayumi Shimonoto Sōkyoku concert and workshop” for the members of the Dansk Japansk Selskab


Sōkyoku concert and workshop for students of the Japanese Supplementary School, Copenhagen


“The Sound of Japan: Ayumi Shimonoto Sōkyoku Concert” at Sct. Lukas Kirke(Chr. Richardts vej 1-3, 1951 Frederiksberg C)


Toshiba International Foundation


Project leader

Sōkyoku player Ayumi Shimonoto

Support musician

Yūka Sakura

Project manager/coordinator in Denmark

Yukiko Nakayama(Seifūsha)

Home: 当団体のプロフィール



Aimed to offer a close and direct experience to the Noh theatre, three different workshops with three different themes - Chanting, dancing and an integrated Noh performance - was held in September 2019.


NOH+DENMARK(Isa Takeda+Seifūsha)

Home: 当団体のプロフィール



NOH+DENMARK 2018 consisted of 3 concerts and 2 workshops and a lecture in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. The project was carried out from September 21st, 2018 to September 23rd, 2018. 

The events hold by the project gathered 434 participants as a whole, which means that the participants had grown 117% compared to the last project in 2017. The participants included several generations; more than 50% of all the participants were under 30 years old, which is different from the general type of audiences in the Japanese Noh theater where most of the audiences are over 30 years old.


NOH+DENMARK (Isa Takeda + Seifūsha )

Aarhus University(DK)

Home: 当団体のプロフィール



NOH +DENMARK 2017 consisted of two workshops and three regular performances in the course of three days (22/9 - 24/9).

The workshops (22/9) included a total number of eighty participants comprised of students from Aarhus University’s Japanese Department and Department of Aesthetics and Culture.

The topics covered included instructions in Noh singing, dancing and musical performance as well as hands-on experiences of Noh kimonos and Noh masks enabling the students to interact closely with the Japanese Noh performers and gain rare first-hand experiences of the Noh theatre in practice.

The performances, held at Aarhus University (22/9), Designmuseum Denmark (23/9) and KoncertKirken (24/9) respectively, presented varied programs of traditional Noh plays and musical pieces.

As a way to cross cultural borders and foster artistic exchange between Japan and Denmark, the final performance held at KoncertKirken included moreover a unique musical collaboration in which the Japanese Noh performers were joined by two contemporary improvising musicians based in Copenhagen, Danielle Dahl (NO) and Anders Vestergaard (DK).


Isa Takeda (JP)
Simon Roy Christensen (DK) (Seifūsha)
Yukiko Nakayama (JP) (Seifūsha)

Home: 当団体のプロフィール



Isa Takeda (Hōshō School Shite Noh actress)


Born as the eldest daughter of Hōshō Shite (leading) actor Takashi Takeda, Isa Takeda studied Noh under Kazufusa Hōshō as well as Akira Takahashi and Takashi Takeda. She debuted on the Noh stage in the play Kenjō in 1994. She graduated with a master’s degree from the Music Department of Tokyo University of the Arts. During her studies at university, she was the recipient of the Ataka Award and Arkansas Music award.


Ayumi Shimonoto(Yamada School Sōkyoku Player)


Ayumi Shimonoto is a Yamada School Koto performer who studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts (BA and MA in traditional Japanese music). Since 1993, she has been presenting many solo recitals and concerts in the traditional Japanese music scene, as well as playing Koto in a wide variety of genres. 

In addition to her classical repertoire, she has commissioned and premiered many new works from contemporary composers such as Michio Kitazume, Yūji Takahashi, and Rikuya Terashima. For her own compositions, she has adopted many literary works of Kenji Miyazawa, and is involved in a broad range of activities to develop and expand compositions for the Koto and vocal narrative genres.



関東を中心にリサイタル、コンサート企画開催、邦楽演奏会、日本舞踊公演、雅楽公演、各種演奏会出演、NHK-FM「邦楽のひととき」、テレビ・ラジオ番組、CD・映画音楽制作に参加。古典のみならず、 現代の作曲家の作品を初演するなど、箏曲演奏家としての新しい可能性を求め、幅広い活動を展開。特に邦楽の発声を基礎とした声楽面における可能性を追求し、その歌唱力は高く評価されている。

Home: 当団体のプロフィール

Seifūsha Profile

Yukiko Nakayama 中山由希子

Yukiko Nakayama holds BA in musicology from Tokyo University of the Arts (2015). Since 2017, Nakayama has been working as co-organizer of a traditional Japanese Noh theatre project NOH+DENMARK. Encouraged by growing interest towards Japanese culture in Denmark, Nakayama is motivated to introduce the Japanese traditional/contemporary culture to the Danish audience, by collaborating with Japanese artists and artisans.


Simon Roy Christensen シモン ロイ クリステンセン

Simon Roy Christensen works at the interface of theory and practice in the fields of arts and aesthetics with a particular interest in intersections of Eastern and Western cultures. Christensen has studied several years in Japan, first at Kunitachi College of Music (2011-2012) and subsequently at Tokyo University of Arts (2014-2016), and is currently engaged as a PhD student at the Department of Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University. His present research focuses on the aesthetics of silence, in particular within traditional and contemporary Japanese art forms.


Home: 当団体のプロフィール



Seifūsha is based in Denmark, working with Japanese culture and aesthetics.  Contact us if you are interested in working together with us for cultural projects.


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